: Ilosaarirock 2005


It's more than just an educated guess if we predict that the power trio Kometa will be faring rather well in the Best Newcomer category when rock magazines select their favourites of the year 2005. It is true that the band has been around for five years already, but it was only this year when they released their first album. As an experience, Like a Light Bulb could best be described as breathtaking. It is a bold, broad-minded and very dextrous combination of various styles and genres: first they sound like The Beatles, with vocal harmonies and all, and then all of a sudden a merciless riff storm pours out of the loudspeakers. Kometa is also great live. Particularly Olavi Vänttinen, a singer, a guitarist and a trumpetist in a single person, must be lauded for his drop-dead live charisma.