13:05 The stylishly ageing MC5

MC 5's current line-up is Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson, and this gig for me was the THING in this years Ilosaarirock. When they started the gig with Ramblin' Rose is was clear from the beginning what their playlist strategy was.

Next we heard a fantasctic version of the classic Shakin' Street from the album Back In The USA. After that we heard Tonight from the same record.audience

The monumental Sister Ann was the one the best moments of the gig and the following Call Me Animal was a nice filler.

When they played Over And Over it got better and the dramatic ballad Miss X caused cold shivers to go down my spine. Well my skin had goosebumps for most of the gig anyway.

Other tracks they played included Kick Out The Jams, a Ray Charles cover I Believe To My Soul plus Rocket Reducer Number 262/Rama La Fa-Fa.

All of the guys played a tight gig but to be quite honest the only one who is still visually impressive is Wayne Kramer. Thanks to the band and the promoter. The gig is in the all time Top 5.

Pic: Riikka Kurki
Translation: Lärwi xxx