13:34 The exhange students are enjoying the weather

3 Exhange students from the University Of Joensuu are sitting down by the beach next to the Relax Stage. Marc from Spain, Yohama from Venezuela and Helena from Kolumbia all agree that the hot weather we're "enjoying" here at the moment is almost perfect, and not too hot at all. Marc has been a student in Joensuu for a year and was at the festival in 2004 as well.

"There is some great bands this year. I'm particularly exited about Monster Magnet. Plus another good thing is there's loads of people here...usually Joensuu is so quiet", he smiles.

Yohama and Helena are first timers at the festival but have no complaints.

"We just like being here and lying about", the young ladies smile.

Translation: Lärwi xxx