14:14 The Supergirls of the cleaning crew

The cleaning crew at Ilosaarirock actually have to WORK. Mira is working at the Rokki for the first time. Their job is to clean the actual festival area and parts of the town centre.

The cleaning crew understands the mess from the festival audience’s point of view and don’t mind cleaning up after them. They know it’s impossible to find a bin every time you need it.

”Of course there’s a lot of mess and stuff everywhere but that’s ok”, Mira says. The one thing that worries her a bit are the broken glass bottles.

”We have to clean up the broken glass very very carefully, its so easy to cut yourself”, she explains.

The rubbish contains mainly disposable paper plates and other cardboard type crap. The cleaning crew also take care of the toilet paper refills in the Portaloos. One member of the crew is doing that constantly.

The crew has three supervisors and over the weekend over a hundred volunteers. The cleaning operation carries on for few days after the festival. 

”Of course it would make our job a lot easier if people used the bins a bit more and there are plenty of them about so they should remember to do it a bit more, she reminds.

“Anyway, rubbish aside I like Ilosaarirock because it’s really mellow and peaceful here”

Text & Pic: Riitta
Translation: Lärwi xxx