15:39 Anthrax Brings Out Their True Fans

It was a rainy Sunday night and the main stage was occupied by one of the most legendary Trash Metal bands in the world. Crying wouldn't do, so we got wet, god dammit, and rocked on.

The front of the stage had a gathering of fist throwing, wet and muddy group of loyal fans. The circumstances brought the band closer to the audience; loud and heavy. How did they make this music when I was still shitting in my pants?

Anthrax is to thank for today's “good” metal music. Their guitars weren't quite as up to speed as their more modern counterparts' and they weren't quite as aggressive. But you cannot deny the fact that the band still rocked. Mud and metal, fuck yeah.

Text: Heikki Niiranen
Pics: Heikki Niiranen & Minna Veliheimo
Translation: Karoliina Brodsky