15:55 Not Your Mother's Cellists

Where were these guys when I was in band?

I know one thing, they weren't getting the crap kicked out of them, that's for sure. Apocalyptica has just disproved the age old stereotype of a band nerd. These are some of the angriest, rockinist cellists I have ever come across. Admittedly, I haven't come across all that many cellists, but these guys take the cake. While I was banging my head to the strings of fury I couldn't help to think "Is this sound really coming from those guys?" It even sounded like they had vocals. Nope, just cellos. I was half expecting, and even thought I heard a Peter Frampton rendition coming from the stage. Surely I was mitaken. Right? Can a cello sing? I don't know, but they sure can rock the house.

Pics: Heidi Strengell