: Ilosaarirock 2005

  Taraa Happy Campers!

Sadly we've come to an end of another Rokki but fret not we will be back next year even bigger and stronger!

This year everything went as planned, everybody was happy and apart from the short sharp Anthrax weather (as quoted by their tour manager) on Sunday night even Mother Nature smiled on us.

2006 is the 35th year of Ilosaari so it will extra special for everybody. Hope to see you then!

Be safe, be happy, be cool!

PS: Oon ollu!


This year (2005) is the 34nd consecutive year of the Ilosaarirock, and it has been sold out in advance for the past eight years.

The first one called Rock Rieha (Rock Rave) took place 1971 on the Ilosaari island (which literally translates to Fun island) in Pielis River which runs through Joensuu. This is where the festival got it's name.

Rokki, as the event is informally known, has grown to be one of the main events of the Finnish rock-festival calendar. The fact that Ilosaari is organized completely by volunteers and music enthusiasts makes the event a unique in Finland. The aim is to develop and create a well-oiled machine that offers a wide range of bands and services to the festival goers. Everyone works together towards creating an experience that rewards all the hard work.

That really is the driving force for the volunteers who make it happen every year. Even though most of the work is done by volunteers, no less than a professional standard is required. The Rokki is still owned and run by Joensuun Popmuusikot (The Pop Musicians Of Joensuu) and it shows in the end result. Popmuusikot is a association dedicated to promotion of live- music in the county of North Karelia where Joensuu is located. Their main aim is to better the quality of live-music and they also have a section dedicated to helping local bands with financial aid for recording demo tapes and actual recordings.

The nerve centre of operations is Popmusiikot's office in Joensuu which employs the only three people who get paid all year round. The office acts as the information, financial and administrative base. The Popmuusikot Board meets once a week during the year and up to four times a week in the week leading up to the festival. Organizing next years festival starts literally as soon as the old one has finished.

Another important thing is that Ilosaarirock was originally created for the public, not as a profit making sceme for the organizers. Year after year everything possible is done to create a safe and enjoyable enviroment both for the bands and the public. Last summer we included the adjoining beach to the festival site and a fourth stage called Rentolava (Relax Stage) This year there is yet another stage called Rekkalava (Truck Stage) which is an actual truck.

Because of this additions to the festival site we have decided to put more tickets on sale, 20 000 in total. We will also make our bar areas bigger so that the queues should ease up a little.

Festival timetable is here »

The final program for this years Festival has now been published in the Bands section. This summer we have five stages playing music non-stop noon 'til night on the 16th and 17th of July.

We are sorry to announce that Maroons will not perform in this year's Ilosaarirock. They will be replaced by an English rap artist Blak Twang.

The traditional Ilosaarirock clubs kick off the Festival with a bang on Friday the 15th with Sulo-Club and Töminä Club. Have a look in the Info section for more info on the Clubs and everything else.

You should also be able to find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) there as well but if you cannot find the information you require, please e-mail us at: popoffice@ilosaarirock.fi and we will try to answer your questions in the first available opportunity.

This year is the 34th consecutive year of the Ilosaarirock Festival. The first one called Rock Rieha took place 1971 on the Ilosaari island (which literally translates to Fun island) from where the festival got its name.

Look forward to seeing you in July!

-Festival Info-