updated 27th June 2006 (Ilosaarirock sold out, Club tickets)

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Ilosaarirock 2006 is sold out. This means that you cannot buy a ticket at the festival area gates. The advance sale of Ilosaarirock club tickets is still continuing. Persons over 60 years and under 8 years of age (the latter accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age who has a ticket to Ilosaarirock 2006) are allowed in to the festival free of charge. Disabled persons who need an assistant can bring one to the festival area free of charge; the assistant gets a wristband at the Poppikoppi next to the Main Gate.


Ilosaarirock club advance tickets will be available until July 12 3pm in the record shop Levy-Eskot in Joensuu (, only cash is accepted as payment for the club advance tickets) and in Tiketti ( Note that if you buy your ticket at Tiketti, a commission will be added in the price. Contact Tiketti at +358 600-1-1616 for additional information on how to buy tickets outside Finland.

The Sulo club is held on Friday 14 July on Ylex and Truck stages. You can change your advance ticket to a wristband at the horse-trotting track gate from 4pm onwards. The doors open and tickets are sold from 5.30 pm onwards. Ticket price is 15 €. The Sulo club line-up is here.

The Töminä club is the first of the ice rink clubs, and it is held on Friday 14 July. The doors open and tickets are sold from 5.30 pm onwards. Ticket price is 8 €. The Töminä club line-up is here.

Metelli is held at the ice rink on Saturday 15 July. Besides the advance sale you can buy tickets to Metelli at the Info point in the festival area and, in case Metelli isn't sold out in advance, also at the ice rink entrance from 9pm onwards. Ticket price is 10 €. The Metelli club line-up is here.

End of Festival club crowns the festival on Sunday 17 July. Tickets to the End of Festival club are sold in advance as well as in the Info point in the festival area. In case the club isn't sold out in advance, you can also buy them at the ice rink entrance from 9pm onwards. Ticket price is 10 €. The End of Festival club line-up is here.

There is no age limit to Sulo, Töminä, Metelli, or End of Festival club. However, you need to be at least 18 years of age to enter the official bar areas at the clubs and everyone must be prepared to prove their age.

A limited number of tickets will be sold for the Club Kasettiasema in Kerubin Kuppila. You can buy a ticket at the door of Kerubin Kuppila (Niskakatu 16) from 9pm onwards. Ticket price is 6€. Club Kasettiasema line-up is here.


Map of Joensuu:

Tourist Guide: Welcome to Joensuu (PDF-file, 3.13 mb)

The town of Joensuu's Official page:

General information about Finland:

Connections to Joensuu:
By Air:
By Bus:

A FESTIVAL BUS runs all weekend between the Joensuu railway station and the festival site when special "Rokki" trains arrive. The bus is FREE of charge and leaves from the railway station as soon as it is full so there is no timetable as such.

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The temporary camping site during Ilosaarirock is situated next to Laulurinne at the horse trotting-track. Please note that the Ravileirintä camping is meant only for Ilosaarirock goers and therefore only people who have an Ilosaarirock ticket or wristband can be accommodated there. This camping site will be open from Thursday evening to Monday morning.

Linnunlahti Camping Oy Ltd is responsible for the arrangements at the Ravileirintä camping site.

Water taps, campfire points, food sale points, and toilets have been arranged for the festival goers staying at the Ravileirintä camping site during the festival.

When checking in to the camping area you will be given plastic bags to collect your garbage in. Please do collect your garbage in the bags and take them to the recycling points. LET'S KEEP THE AREA CLEAN! If you run out of plastic bags, you can get more at the info point of the Ravileirintä camping.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN ANY VEHICLE AT THE RAVILEIRINTä CAMPING SITE. In case you want to spend the night in your car, you have to book a place for it at the Linnunlahti Camping area nearby, where it is allowed.

This year Ilosaarirock goers can also park in the guarded multi-storey car park at Hallitie. The multi-storey car park is taken care of by Joensuun Pysäköinti Oy (Joensuu Parking Ltd).

ACCOMMODATION IN A TENT OUTSIDE THE OFFICIAL CAMPING SITES IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Illegal accommodation outside the camping sites will be supervised by the Town of Joensuu, the security personnel of Ilosaarirock, and the police.

The opening hours and prices at the Ravileirintä camping site

The camping site is open from Thu 13 July 6 pm to Mon 17 July at 12 noon.

Thu 13 July to Mon 17 July => 17 € / person
Fri 14 July to Mon 17 July => 12 € / person

Print the accommodation form and fill it in beforehand!

In order to be accommodated at the Ravileirintä camping site you have to fill in the accommodation form. Print the form and fill it in at home - thus the arrival at the camping site will go much more smoothly and you, too, will need to queue a bit less. Have your Rokki ticket also at hand as you approach the reception of the Ravileirintä camping site. The accommodation form can be found here.

For more information:
tel. +358 13 126 272


Linnunlahti Camping is Joensuu's official camping site located right next to Laulurinne. At the camping site you have the possibility to accommodation in a tent or a caravan.

Tent campers will be taken in as they arrive: no bookings for tent places can be made beforehand. The price for tent places is 25 euros/person (from Friday to Monday).

Those arriving with a caravan or a camper van should book a place beforehand by e-mail ( or by telephone (+358 13 126 272) on June 30 2006 at the latest.

There is a limited number of electricity spots. On an electricity spot the price for the caravan or camper van is 50 euros and for each person staying in it the price is 25 euros. For a passenger car the price is 20 euros/weekend. The vehicle cannot be taken out of the camping site during the weekend. In case you already know that you need to use your vehicle during the weekend it is advisable to park it at the horse trotting-track parking area. There the price for parking is 5 euros for each time you park your vehicle.

Shower and toilet capacity has been increased in the area. Additionally there are food sale spots, a café, and a small grocery kiosk which also sells beer.

DON'T FORGET TO PRINT AND FILL IN THE ACCOMMODATION FORM BEFORE YOU ARRIVE as it will quicken your arrival and improve everyone's satisfaction. The accommodation form can be found here.

More information and bookings:
tel. +358 13 126 272


School and gym hall accommodation is a cheap form of accommodation during Ilosaarirock. It is meant only for Ilosaarirock goers, so be prepared to show your festival ticket or wristband as you arrive. The places for school and gym hall accommodation are the Lyseon lukio (Lyseo upper secondary school) and Urheilutalo (Sports Hall) gym hall, which are both located at a handy distance from the railway station and the festival area. School accommodation is open from Friday to Monday.

The price for School and gym hall accommodation is 8€/night/person. The price includes a soft mattress and a shower facility. Other services available for those accommodating at the school and gym hall are a cloakroom (subject to a charge) and a café in which you can also have a sturdy breakfast.

You can make bookings for school accommodation starting from June 26 from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 4 pm by phoning the Ilosaarirock info, tel. +358 13 225 550. You must be at the school on Saturday July 15 5pm at the latest to claim your booking.

Festival buses which run between the railway station and Laulurinne stop at the school accommodation on Friday and on Saturday morning.


The town hotels will be booked full during Ilosaarirock so make your queries well in time. Contact information to all the hotels you will find easily on the Karelia Expert website.


Festival goers have a possibility to take a shower at the Palloilukeidas sports hall which is situated next to the horse trotting-track. The price is 2,5 euros. There is also a café and a terrace at the sports hall.


The official Ilosaarirock breakfast is served from Saturday to Monday in Kerubin Kuppila (Niskakatu 16, see the map). The breakfast which costs 4 € includes among other things porridge, bread, eggs, juice, and coffee. It's served on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 1 pm, and on Monday from 11am to 1pm.

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Helsinki - Joensuu regular service timetables: PDF
Joensuu - Helsinki regular service timetables: PDF
Turku - Joensuu regular service timetables: PDF
Joensuu - Turku regular service timetables: PDF
Regular service timetables for trains leaving from Joensuu: PDF

Ilosaarirock train Joensuu - Helsinki P510 timetable for Monday July 17 2006

  leaves arrives
Joensuu 00.01  
Kitee 00.38 00.39
Kesälahti 01.00 01.01
Parikkala 01.27 01.30
Simpele 01.42 01.43
Imatra 02.10 02.14
Joutseno 02.27 02.28
Lappeenranta 02.42 02.43
Kouvola 03.37 03.38
Lahti 04.15 04.17
Riihimäki 04.52 04.55
Hyvinkää 05.04 05.06
Järvenpää 05.21 05.23
Tikkurila 05.41 05.43
Pasila 05.54 05.56
Helsinki   06.02

For more info visit:


Festival buses run between the railway station and the festival site Laulurinne. As festival goers arrive at the railway station the buses take them to the festival site, and on Sunday the buses take the festival goers back to the railway station. On Friday and Saturday the buses also stop at the school accommodation place on their way to the festival site. The bus ride is free. Festival buses leave from the railway station as trains have arrived and the bus is full.


Because of Ilosaarirock there will be temporary changes in traffic arrangements at the festival site and its nearby areas. Their purpose is to make it easier and safe to move about in the area and to calm down the nearby areas. We recommend that the local festival goers arrive at the festival site by foot or by bike. A guarded bicycle parking area is situated in front of the ice rink.

The Linnunlahdentie street becomes pedestrian street at Laulurinne during festival

The Linnunlahdentie street which runs alongside Laulurinne will be closed from motor vehicles on Friday July 14 5pm onwards. This affects arriving by car at the horse trotting-track parking areas. The easiest way to get there is to arrive before the street is closed. After that traffic to the horse trotting-track goes via Heinäpurontie. Other traffic will be turned back to where it comes from at the Palloilukeidas.

The Linnunlahdentie street will be opened to motor vehicles again at 12 pm at night between Sunday and Monday.

The Länsikatu street closed between Papinkatu and Eteläkatu during festival

The Länsikatu street will be closed from motor vehicles as well as light traffic between Papinkatu and Eteläkatu on Friday at 5pm. The street will remain closed until Monday 6am.

Parking prohibitions on nearby streets

In order for the traffic to function without any big jams PLEASE COMPLY WITH THE PARKING PROHIBITIONS! During the festival weekend there will be temporary parking prohibitions on the nearby streets. Parking will be supervised by the police and the festival security personnel.

Map of close-range areas
Map of Joensuu


The festival parking areas are situated in front of the horse trotting-track. In addition to the actual parking areas the horse trotting-track's car auditorium and the trotting-track itself will function as parking areas. The parking fee is 5 euros each time you park.

This year Ilosaarirock goers can also park in the guarded multi-storey car park at Hallitie. The multi-storey car park is taken care of by Joensuun Pysäköinti Oy (Joensuu Parking Ltd).

Entrance to the car park is at the Länsikatu side, and you have to park your car there by 10pm on Friday. You cannot move your car from the car park before Sunday 5pm onwards. Charge for parking in the guarded car park over the weekend is 15 €.


Close to the festival site Laulurinne, at about 150 metres from the main gate of the festival area, is a guarded bicycle parking area. If you arrive by bike, leave your bike there.

Bicycle parking area opening hours during the festival weekend from Friday to Sunday:
Fri 5.30pm - 3am
Sat 11am - 3am
Sun 11am - 3am

Parking your bike costs 1 euro each time you park it. Remember to fetch your bike in time before the parking area's closing time.

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The festival site of Ilosaarirock is Laulurinne. Laulurinne was built in 1986 to serve as a venue for large events. Before Ilosaarirock the town of Joensuu organised the Joensuun Laulujuhlat festival at Laulurinne. These days Ilosaarirock is the largest annual event there.

In addition to Laulurinne the Ilosaarirock festival area also includes the nearby Linnunlahti beach and the pit area of the horse trotting-track, where the YleX stage and the Truck stage are situated.

Other areas used by Ilosaarirock are the horse trotting-track which serves as a temporary festival camping site and the ice rink, the site of Ilosaarirock clubs. Joensuu's official camping site Linnunlahti Camping Oy Ltd also works in close cooperation with the Ilosaarirock festival organisation.

Map of close-range areas
Map of Joensuu


This summer as well Ilosaarirock has five stages: the Main stage, the YleX stage, the Third stage, Rento stage (The Relax Stage), and the Truck stage.

The Main stage and the Truck stage have artists playing at the same time. The same applies to the YleX, the Third and the Rento stages.

The Main stage

The Main stage is situated in the middle lawn of Laulurinne. The Main stage area is the largest stage area in Ilosaarirock. At the middle lawn you will also find the main official bar area, and on the sides of the lawn the food stalls. In front of the main stage there is a platform for those who need a wheelchair.

The YleX stage

The YleX stage is situated on the sandy area between Laulurinne and the horse trotting-track. The area is called the pit area of the horse trotting-track. The YleX radio channel works in cooperation with Ilosaarirock this summer as well and records the performances on this stage. YleX will broadcast festival feelings live and as compilations after the festival weekend.

The YleX stage marquee is at the moment Finland's largest marquee that can be completely darkened inside. The marquee, imported in Finland by Stopteltat Oy, is 70 metres long and 40 metres wide. Sulo-club will be the first event on the YleX stage on Friday.

The Third stage

The Third stage is situated right close to the main gate. The Third stage is a marquee stage like the YleX stage. This year a new aluminium profile marquee serves as the Third stage marquee.

The Rento stage

The Rento stage, chilling at the Linnunlahti beach, concentrates on rhythmic music. The debut of the Rento stage in Ilosaarirock 2004 was such a success that the festival organisation decided to keep the stage from then on.

Besides the Rento stage, you can also find Fair Trade coffee shop, toilets, food stalls, and much more in the beach area.

The beach area will be closed from festival goers at 11pm on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday, i.e. at the same time as the last bands start playing on the Main stage.

NOTE! Remember how to behave when swimming!

The safety of the Linnunlahti beach and the Relax stage is supervised not only by the festival security personnel but also a life-guard, on-duty first aid specialists, and members of Joensuun Järvipelastajat on-duty in boats. Nevertheless, everyone should take care of their friends. If it seems that your friend has failed to come back from his/her swimming trip, inform the security personnel at the beach without delay. You can also have a look at the following link in case you understand Finnish:

The Truck stage

The Truck stage, present in Ilosaarirock 2005 for the first time, claimed its place at the festival site, so you will find it next to the YleX stage this year as well. The Truck stage presents especially local bands and other fascinating talents.


The Ilosaarirock clubs are held from Friday to Sunday at the Ice rink. The Ice rink is situated at about 150 metres from the main gate of the festival site. Note that the Sulo club, however, will take place on the YleX stage.

Sulo and all the Ice rink clubs have no age limits. You will find a bar area, marked off with fences, at all clubs. To enter the bar area you have to be 18 years old.

Sulo (the YleX stage) Friday 14th July
Töminä (Ice rink) Friday 14th July
Metelli (Ice rink) Saturday 15th July
End of Festival (Ice rink) Sunday 16th July

Kerubin Kuppila (located at Niskakatu 16) presents its very own Club Kasettiasema on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The number of tickets to the clubs is limited, so be there on time. Tickets will be sold at Kerubin Kuppila from 9pm onwards each day. You have to be at least 18 years of age to be able to go to Club Kasettiasema. Don't forget Kerubi's tasty breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 1 pm, and on Monday from 11am to 1pm.


There are three bar areas at the Ilosaarirock festival site this year as well. The main official bar area is situated on the middle lawn of Laulurinne opposite the Main stage. The two other bar areas are situated in the YleX stage marquee and in the beach area close to the Relax stage. There are separate fence-marked official bar areas at the Ice rink Clubs, too.

The age limit of all official bar areas is 18 years. Be prepared to prove that you are over 18 years of age, in other words, always have an official identification document with you (a photo ID card, a passport, or a driving license).

Among other things beer, cider, soft drinks and cigarettes are sold in the official bar areas. As a means of payment we recommend cash, and exact sums, of course. Only Finnish current account cards are accepted. International credit cards (such as Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express) are NOT ACCEPTED in the official bar areas as a means of payment. Price lists, available products, and opening hours will appear on this page during the spring.

You cannot take alcohol products out of the official bar areas.

Prices for the products sold in official bar areas:

Beer Koff 0,4l 4€
Cider Crowmoor and Golden Cap 0,33l 4€
Grapefruit ale Kurko 0,33l 4€
Soft drinks 0,5l 2,5€
Battery energy drink 0,33l 3,5€
Cigarettes 5€

The selection varies in different bar areas.

The beach bar area as well as the Ylex bar area will be closed when the last performers on respective stages are playing. At the main stage bar area, the closing signal will be given when the last band is playing. At clubs alcoholic beverages will be served until 2.30am.


The Ilosaarirock info point will serve the audience through the weekend. It is located next to the Third stage, about 50 metres from the Main gate.

NOTE! During the nights and on the morning of Monday 17 July the info point serves in the Poppikoppi next to the Main gate.

Club tickets and Ilosaarirock merchandise sold in the Info point

In the Info point Ilosaarirock merchandise, such as t-shirts, are sold, as well as advance tickets to the Ice rink clubs. As a means of payment we recommend cash, and exact sums, of course. Cash cards are accepted, Visa Electron is not. Credit cards are NOT ACCEPTED as means of payment.


During the weekend, you can have a breathalysis at the Info point for a small sum. On Monday having a breathalysis at the Poppikoppi next to the Main gate is free. On Monday the breathalysis point is open from 8am to 2pm. The people who do the analyses will not tell you the exact pro mille content of alcohol in your blood, only whether you can drive a car or not.

Lost and found articles to the Info point

During the festival the lost and found is located at the Info point. So ask for stuff you have lost at the Info point, and take any stuff you have found to the same place. The lost property office of the police station is not open during the weekend. At night and on Monday morning up until 12 noon you can ask for lost articles at the Poppikoppi next to the Main gate. After the festival on Monday at 12 noon all found articles which can be classed as valuables will be taken to the Joensuu police station, where you can ring and ask, tel. 013 245 5249. Other found articles will be taken to the office of Joensuun Popmuusikot ry at Rantakatu 25 A 1. Found articles info will be on-duty (tel. +358 (0)13 225 550) after the festival from Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

Band merchandise sold next to the Info point

The band merchandise point is located next to the Info point close to the Main gate. T-shirts and other fan stuff from bands that perform in Ilosaarirock is sold there.


Cloakrooms and alcohol deposits are located close to both the festival site Main gate and the horse trotting-track gate. Cloakrooms cost 1 €, alcohol deposits are free. If you can pay with an exact sum, you will make our job much easier and help the queuing time become shorter.

Cloackroom opening hours:
Fri 5pm - 2am
Sat 11am - 2am
Sun 11am - 12 midnight

Alcoholic drinks to alcohol deposits (Viinanarikka)

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks to the festival site. You cannot bring in any alcohol bottles either, no matter what they contain. This is because it is impossible for the security personnel to know what is in your bottle. Alcoholic drinks must be left in the alcohol deposits, which are free of charge!

Alcohol deposit opening hours:
Fri 5pm - 2am
Sat 11am - 2am
Sun 11am - 12 midnight


Besides you, there will be 19 999 people arriving at the festival site, and they, too, will change their ticket to a wristband. Despite the great number of industrious workers the queues to the ticket change points will be long at times, because people tend to arrive at the festival site approximately at the same time. So be prepared to queue. The queues will be at their longest between 11am and 2 pm.

Tickets will be changed to wristbands on Saturday and Sunday at ticket change points along Linnunlahdentie street.

Take care of your wristband

You cannot enter the festival site with a broken wristband so take care of it, and CHECK IMMEDIATELY the moment you get it that it is well fastened and will not slip off your wrist. If the wristband is not well fastened or it is too loose, mention this to the staff at once in order to avoid problems at the gates later on. The wristband will be checked every time you enter the festival site.

You are responsible for your wristband, and if it gets broken or you lose it, you will not be given a new one. In other words, TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR WRISTBAND.



There are altogether about twenty food stalls and about ten jewellery and clothes stalls in Ilosaarirock. Food stalls are all located in one row next to the Linnunlahti Camping site's fence. Jewellery stalls are located between Laulurinne and the beach. You will find regular, vegetarian, and vegan food in the food stalls. There are also a few food stalls at the beach and also a café serving Fair Trade coffee.


There are several toilet areas in the festival site. In the areas you can find both regular toilets and urinals, see the exact locations on the map. There are also toilets for the handicapped in the area.


There are several water taps in the festival area as well as in the horse trotting-track camping area. Remember to take care of your fluid balance by drinking enough water.


The First Aid point of the festival site is open through the festival fro Friday to Monday. It is locared next to the Poppikoppi in the immediate vicinity of the Main gate.

First Aid instructions can be found here.


Victim support service is present during the festival. You can turn to them if you want support and help for example with reporting a crime or cancelling your mobile phone subscription if you have lost your mobile. Victim support service is located in the vicinity of the Main gate and the First Aid point. See also

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Prepare yourself well for the festival

Bringing the right gear with you helps the weekend to pass more smoothly and reduces the number of so-called earthly worries. Wearing sensible clothes and, above all, sensible shoes, increases your comfort. Good festival shoes are strong, comfortable to walk in, and preferably not brand new. Without noticing it you will be walking kilometre after kilometre, and blisters will prevent you from enjoying the festival to the max. Blisters and sores are the most common ailments that the people at the First Aid point treat.

Take care of your fluid balance - drink enough water

The last years' festivals have taught the festival goers that it is important to take care of your fluid balance. We recommend taking with you a water bottle made of clear plastic (not of glass; note that you cannot take in any alcohol bottles no matter what material they are made of) which you can refill at the water taps in the festival area.

The following list includes some gear that we recommend for everyone to take with them to the festival:

  • garbage bags to collect your garbage in
  • rainproof clothing or a big refuse sack at the bottom of your rucksack
  • a warm sweater
  • something with which you can protect your head against the sun
  • money
  • a towel/swimwear
  • a toothbrush
  • food (something that is not easily perishable)
  • a toilet roll
  • some plaster for small accidents
  • ear plugs
  • painkillers and suntan cream
  • important phone numbers on paper in case you happen to lose your mobile
  • pen and paper for autographs or important phone numbers

Recycling and litter

There are recycling points in the festival area and the horse trotting-track campsite with containers for cardboard, glass, metal, and mixed waste. Let's all help to keep the beautiful city of Joensuu clean!

This year the risk of bird flu is a fact, so please do not leave garbage or food leftovers on the ground, bin them instead!

Cameras and tape recorders

All recordings of live performances by any other than authorised persons are forbidden under Finnish Copyright law § 2 section 45. It is forbidden to bring video cameras or tape recorders to the festival area. Security personnel have the right to confiscate forbidden recording devices and recordings should that be necessary.


Animals think that all Ilosaarirock performers are loud and that it's too hectic at festivals anyway. In other words, it is forbidden to bring pets to the festival area!

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Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort go very much hand in hand. In order to guarantee the smooth and easy progression of things for all parties involved in Ilosaarirock, we have compiled some relevant guidelines and recommendations. Regardless of whether this year's Ilosaarirock is your first or 30th rock festival experience, we hope that you will read this section carefully.

In large events involving large crowds circumstances may vary quickly. Here are some basic guidelines as to how to react in possible situations of risk:

  • follow the advice given by the festival organisers or security personnel
  • if you feel uncomfortable in crowded places, avoid dense masses of people. The front areas of stages, especially the Main stage, are places in which the pressure of the audience masses can increase quickly and the situation may become uncomfortable.
  • if, despite your efforts, you find yourself in a tight spot, stay calm. Do not go against the movements of the mass. Instead, when density decreases momentarily, try to move away. Do everything you can to keep your balance. Don't hesitate to use your voice to draw attention to yourself. The festival personnel and other members of the audience will help you.
  • in case you see an accident or anything else that risks the safety of yourself and others, let the security personnel know immediately.
  • if you feel dizzy among a large crowd, ask the person closest to you to help keep you on your feet. Keep up the contact with the person helping you until you feel steady again.
  • always take care of yourself and your friends and remember that abandonment is a crime.

No crowd surfing

Crowd surfing, in other words surfing on top of a concert audience's heads supported by the audience members' hands, is forbidden in Ilosaarirock as it is in European festivals in general. Crowd surfing causes dangerous situations and also hinders possible help operations at front areas of stages. It is also forbidden to carry others on your shoulders. This ban has not been issued just for fun: the aim is to make sure that everyone is safe and to guarantee a pleasant experience for all festival goers. The festival organisation has the right to remove those who do not follow this order from the festival site.

No glass bottles, no substances or objects which can be classified as dangerous

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks or any kind of glassware to the festival area! Note that it is also forbidden to bring in alcohol bottles regardless of their contents. Objects or substances that can be used to harm others, such as long umbrellas, cannot be brought in to the festival area. Alcoholic drinks can be left in the free-of-charge booze parks outside the festival area gates. The security personnel have a right, guaranteed by the Finnish law, to examine festival goers. Mild alcoholic drinks are served in the festival area in three official bar areas which are separated from their surroundings with fences.


The police is on-duty in the festival area during the weekend. More information at

Protect your hearing

Don't forget your hearing in the heat of the festival! In the festival area, specifically in front of the stages, the sound levels may exceed the recommended noise standards. Protect your hearing by wearing ear plugs or other hearing protection.

The hearing protection tent with the good old hearing protection folks can be found opposite the Info point as soon as you enter the festival area.

On-duty intoxicant abuse aid service

This year the on-duty intoxicant abuse aid service is taken care of by the Red Cross anti-drug group. Anti-gang group as well as the city's youth work section also co-operate, but at the festival site the concrete work will be done by the Red Cross anti-drug group and their trained volunteers. The on-duty tent/point is located at its old place next to the First aid point and the Main gate, and it is open from Friday to Sunday.

The volunteers on duty will move around in the festival area talking to festival goers. Those who can't take care of themselves anymore will be taken to the Red Cross tent, where their basic vital functions and the overall development of their condition will be followed. The Red Cross anti-drug volunteers carry the Red Cross anti-drug work logo, and you can talk to them about anything, but they are specifically familiar with questions concerning intoxicants, so if you need help or have any questions related to intoxicants, don't hesitate to ask them.

Anti-drug group's tips on partying:

  • Don't leave friends alone!
  • Don't ruin your festival by drinking too much alcohol!
  • Say NO to drugs!
  • When you need help, go and get it!

Party so that

  • you know what you've done, seen, and experienced
  • you don't regret your actions later on
  • you can take care of yourself and, if necessary, others
  • you are in no risk to be abused or robbed
  • the partying does not go wrong because of an accident, for example
  • you remember what the owner of the telephone number you found in your pocket looks like

This is best achieved by partying without intoxicants, sober or nearly sober.

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