Swallow the Sun swallowed the sun

Swallow the Sun did what their name says. Mind you, this happened in a musical sense, not physically. The sun tried to outshine this Jyväskylä-based band’s lighting. Then again it’s not about the light show but the music.

Enough clever wordplay. When the genre in question is called deathdoom, you’re dealing with lowend frequencies. The band’s mixing personnel had understood this completely, because the PA system got my pants flapping. This turned the sound into mush at times, but didn’t drown out the band’s sugary (but not too sweet) melodies. Their setlist included the best cuts from both records, The Morning Never Came and the brand new Ghost of Loss.

By the way: If Keijo from Rotten Sound tells his audience to go see a band, you’d better do as the man says.

Text: Hannu Romppainen