Tundramatiks - with a big beat

10tundramatiks_pk02.jpgCategorizing music into genres seems rather desultory nowadays; being a member of some pre-defined style is considered more as a shameful matter of fact than as a proud voluntary choice. While browsing music reviews, hope-filled eyes often search for the magical sentence: “it’s hard to define a proper genre for this band.” But whatever, the band I just listened and watched to, Tundramatiks, is beyond all genre definitions.And for what it’s worth, the text above should be considered as a compliment - the sound resonance produced by the lineup isn’t bad at all. The entity consisting of three dark men and a fair woman are a delightfully coherent experience. The artists, dressed in brown burberry clothes just like your granddad, blend into the shades of their instruments in a fine fashion. Heads are covered by wild-growing strong hair and faces covered by frost-inspired beard. The look of the band represents a native Finn in the most realistic sense.

Trying to describe the music in short means trouble. Lyrics mention vodka, whining and painkillers with a rough and deep rendering and with charisma which reeks of personal experience. However Tundramatiks don’t try to plagiarise any certain artists, which makes categorising just an attempt to reach the general direction of the style. And the music is even more complicated. Just during one gig it manages to nod towards the directions of traditional rock, punk, waltz, polka and folk music, and not sound like it’s only done as a joke.

Tundramatiksin musiikki kuulostaa varmaan juuri siksi parhaalta sellaisessa päässä, joka hellittää hetkeksi genrenmetsästysvietissään ja keskittyy siihen, mitä korviin parhaillaan työnnetään. Tämän vaiheen saavutettuani kyseinen bändi valtasi välittömästi ykköspaikan omalla hittilistallani.

That must be why Tundramatik’s music sounds the best in a head which lets go of the subconscious need to categorise everything and concentrates on what’s being heard currently. After reaching this state mind, the band instantly conquered the number one spot on my personal list.

“Can’t help but sing out from the bottoms of the soul, proudly from the rear table!”

Text: Siiriliina Riikonen

Photo: Panu Kontkanen