Well in time to see HIM

Manni, Riikka and Terhi have come to Ilosaarirock from Kuopio to see HIM. However, seeing their favourite band from a good place demands small sacrifices. Reserving the places in the front row requires not only turning up early but also skipping meals and toilet breaks. Nonetheless, according to the girls, the hardest part is hearing the other bands.
- This is terrible, states Manni.

Riikka, 16, has seen HIM live once before, but for Manni, 17, and Terhi, 14, the upcoming gig is the first. The girls have bought tickets to Ilosaarirock for both days even though in their opinion HIM is the only interesting band at the festival. Because they spend the whole of Saturday keeping their front row places, on Sunday they plan to see the rest of the festival area. And although one could imagine all that waiting to be hard, this is not the case: seeing the favourite band is something larger than life.
- In practice, HIM is about half of my life, explains Terhi.

Text: Milla Laaksonen
Translation: Hanna Laaksonen