Maria Gasolina fought the rain and won

18mariagasolina_mh01.jpgMaria Gasolina plays mainly Brazilian music. If one were to draw conclusions from their gig, Brazilian is a synonym for feeling good, danceable rhythms, and charming percussions. The orchestra’s great performance, clever lyrics, and singer Lissu Lehtimaja’s amazing voice created an unforgettable gig, even though the gods of the weather weren’t on their side.

The rain that had begun just before the gig had a depressing effect, but the audience just couldn’t resist the band’s positive attitude and good spirits. The bad weather couldn’t keep the people away, and the faithful were rewarded before long, as the rain subsided.

18mariagasolina_em03.jpgFamiliar songs off the band’s debut album Se jokin kept the people dancing, but Roosa seemed to be the audience’s favourite. In addition to their own songs the people were treated to a bunch of Brazilian classics. The close relation of the two groups of songs could be best heard when the massive brass section took over. Pompousness and playfulness  alternated all through their performance, but the show was still of one piece.

Hopefully we can hear more of Maria Gasolinaa outside the Helsinki region, so that the rest of Finland could share in their positive mood.
Words: Tatu Teräväinen
Translation: Olli Sulopuisto