Journeymen’s tough spot

03journeymen_mh01.jpgBeing the first band to play the second day of the festival is always an ungrateful spot. Add cold weather and a nasty torrent of rain to the mix, and you end up with a rather large handicap. This was the situation that Journeymen from the town of Pietarsaari were faced with.

The singer’s laconic opening line “Hey Ilosaari! Are you tired?” didn’t really lighten up the festival crowd, who were at the time huddled under their umbrellas. For a while it felt like Saturday had squeezed the last bits of energy out of the people. The band braved the elements and the tired audience and kept on playing. The eight-man crew created a smooth, roots based swing that caressed the Rentolava stage and its surroundings.

Faced with these warm rhythm, the audience started to awaken from their slumber. The situation, which just moments before had seemed desperate, was suddenly turned on its head. Journeymen played a good gig and gave the people a gentle push for the last day of the festival.

Words: Mikko Kuivalainen
Translation: Olli Sulopuisto

Photo: Mari Herrala