22-Pistepirkko is so second to none that all we can say is yeah! Though the band was founded back in 1980 in the tiny village of Utajärvi, in the course of their long career they've already walked the streets of many a bigger town both home and abroad. And yet, in spite of their success, the jolly brothers behind the "biggest indie name in Finland" have never given up their resolute attitude and their passion to make music that really matters.

22-Pistepirkko's songs show that there are more ambitious ways of paying homage to your old heroes than just carbon copying. In the thinking caps of brothers Keränen and their childhood fellow Espe Haverinen, the choicest hooks of past garage rock hits turn into something new and delicious and yet so recognisably Pistepirkko-ish. For those who don't believe before they hear we can recommend the newest release of Utajärvi underground kings, (Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!

One more thing that separates 22-Pistepirkko from many other cult bands is that they're actually quite popular. So here's a valuable tip to those thinking about a good way of passing time while waiting for 22-Pistepirkko to take to the stage at Sulo Club: try sprinting. There is, mind you, not enough space in the front row for everyone.


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