If established political visions are to be believed, the foundation of tomorrow's Finland will be laid in schools, families and nursery schools. These environments have been proved to be safe and inspirational surroundings, so in them our children will be brought up to be balanced and tolerant adults who one day start contributing fully and willingly to the ongoing development of a healthy Finnish society.

There must be an alterative, decided the young and eager Distral members in the summer of 2006. And only a moment later the quartet was in the garage, working on their very first riffs that already made someone pay attention. Or at least letters and notes from unidentified neighbours started appearing in the letter box, with pleads for the lads to stop playing punk rock and to take up some quieter pastime instead.

Eventually, the neighbours got the silence they had been craving for, but luckily for us others, not the way they had originally suggested. Distral went on rehearsing elsewhere, and next winter, with the band still less than one year old, they astonished everyone by winning hands down the Rockbird contest that was arranged by the record label Pilfink Records in cooperation with Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association. The first prize of the competition was enough studio time for recording an entire album, and so in January 2008 the proud parents were able to present their half-an-hour long first-born Orders Overload, whose twelve balanced and tolerant punk songs already fully and willingly contribute to the ongoing development of a healthy Finnish subculture.


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