Eläkeläiset – 15th Anniversary Concert

It's about time that the uncompromising but good-natured sounds of humppa and the unquestionable flagbearers of the genre, Eläkeläiset, should be celebrated with their own three-day jubilee event! In order to properly mark the flabbergasting number of years passed (what with the remarkably unhealthy drinking habits of the band), the emerging youth of their home town has decided to set up an entire feast of events, slightly misnamed as "Ilosaarirock Festival" – but, oh well, the effort has to be appreciated nevertheless.

Those aficionados of humppa who make their way to the town of Joensuu already on Friday can kill the time watching a host of youth idols writhe and wriggle in a variable selection of club premises, and on Saturday the main event is supported by numerous leading artists of the country. Even the family teens don't have to stay at home, as there are entertainment numbers for the kids on YleX and Third stages all day long. To round off the day, the festively illuminated Eläkeläiset will perform a potpourri of their finest compositions from the past years, and if we're lucky enough, the suit-clad elderly gentlemen may also give the audience a taste of the songs of their forthcoming new album.

Recovering from the delights of humppa usually takes at least a couple of days, but all the surroundings of Laulurinne ground have been reserved for the concert-goers also on Sunday, and the wealth of entertainers will do their best to make the healing from the humppa flu a bit more tolerable.

Do not hesitate. Purchase your ticket to the jubilee concert at this instant. Go to your nearest ticket dealer and say: "Can I have a two-day ticket to the Ilosaarirock Festival 2008, please."


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