Fanfare Ciocârlia


Fanfare Ciocârlia (ROM)

Romanian Fanfare Ciocârlia has, in spite of its several visits here, remained relatively little known to the wider Finnish public. That is a crying shame indeed, as out there in the wider world this thirteen-strong (yes, thirteen!) combo has built a semi-legendary fame. This is first and foremost due to the band's riveting concerts that have, during the band's long career, taken place in more than fifty (yes, fifty!) countries.

And if Fanfare Ciocârlia one day decides that they are not interested in touring any more, they can surely find a new job as the encyclopedia entry on the term "world music". Even if the influences from the band's Romanian background are the most audible elements in their music, there are more to be found, coming from such sources as Latino music and flamenco, to name just two. When asked for an appropriate definition for their music, the band likes to answer – tongue firmly in cheek – that it's Balkan funk.

Besides touring, Fanfare Ciocârlia has also been busy with recording albums. Last year came out their fifth release Queens and Kings that features, besides other delicacies, a wealth of visiting artists. Ilosaarirock's atmosphere, full of peace, love and mutual understanding, is the most suitable environment imaginable for this band. Away with your worries and strictly come dancing!

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