Hanoi Rocks


Hanoi Rocks

Is there anyone who doesn't, in the heart of their hearts, like Hanoi Rocks? At least the Guns N'Roses, Mötley Crües, Poisons, Skid Rows and LA Guns of this world do. And hey, isn't that Billy Idol waving his hand somewhere in the background? Well, welcome to you all to the Ilosaarirock Festival 2008!

The ultimate Finnish hair rock band doesn't really need much introduction either in their own land or elsewhere, what with being one of the best-known acts ever to hail from here and generally regarded as one of the definitive flagbearers of their era. Their first incarnation from 1979 onwards was filled with all the hallmarks of dangerous rock'n'roll: fast cars, beautiful women, Smirnoff, Dom Perignon, Jack Daniels, beer and whatnot. It was clear from the beginning that all this mayhem-making was bound to take its toll sooner or later, and so the first round of Hanoi Rocks came to an end in 1985.

Quite a number of years later the glam punks regrouped, but not in the usual take-the-money-and-run manner. More accurately, Hanoi Rocks Mk II is a new band altogether. But even if they now find their inspiration in heavier stuff than in the Eighties, one thing stays as it has always been: as their last year's album Street Poetry – tenth in line – goes to show, the band's wild and lethal rock'n'roll hasn't been tamed yet.

Glam rock may be a thing of the 1980s, but two cornerstones remain, and the other is the action-packed live show where the vocalist Mike Monroe turns stage structures into climbing frames just like that.


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