Heaven Shall Burn


Heaven Shall Burn (GER)

So far surprisingly little known by the greater public, Heaven Shall Burn has found their field of expertise in welding together several genres of heavy metal. In their haughtily-named new album Iconoclast, the German group's alloy of melodic death metal, metallic hardcore and trash metal grabs you by the ear hair in a form more streamlined than ever before.

Though Heaven Shall Burn have in some circles been dubbed as a metalcore act, that label does little justice to their actual music. In their latest recordings, the hardcore influences have almost been buried under a more metallic approach, and in their latest album, the band even tries their hand on covering (in a rather hunky dory manner) Edge of Sanity's melodeath classic Black Tears. All in all, Heaven Shall Burn can be as darkly melancholic, and attack as straightforwardly when required, as could a hybridisation between two other German bands, Disbelief and Dew-Scented. What's important here is that Heaven Shall Burn has got enormous torrents of racking energy, unquestionable genius with their instruments, and guaranteedly sweaty stage choreography. If this sounds pretty damn irresistible for you – join the mob!


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