Kauko Röyhkä & Riku Mattila


Kauko Röyhkä & Riku Mattila

The early 1980s was pure ace. On TV, it was the time of Dallas; in fashion, the age of extra-large shoulder pads; and in the dance halls and music bars all over the country even the most shy ones had the guts to approach the opposite sex, when on stage there was Kauko Röyhkä and his band Narttu playing, accompanied by the guitarist Riku Mattila.

But in the 1985 it all went pear-shaped. Bobby Ewing was shot and Mattila and Röyhkä went their separate ways. On TV, everything turned out to be just a nightmare, but in reality the dream team Mattila and Röyhkä never played together again. Each of them continued their careers with others, and in 1999 Mattila, now a renowned producer, even produced one of the albums written by Röyhkä, now a household name in both rock'n'roll and literary circles. This encounter brought new spark to the old friendship.

Four years later, Röyhkä's birthday party is interrupted by a phone call. It's Mattila, suggesting a fresh idea: what if he and Röyhkä started an acoustic duo between them? Armed with a bunch of songs written together, they head for a studio, and in the course of the recordings the duo turns into an entire band. And what's left of those sessions on record is such magic that all the winners can do is smile.


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