Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine


Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine

Last summer saw one perfect occasion of a steadily matured cult success turning into fully-fledged mainstream mayhem, when Joensuu-based disco pop duo Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine came, saw and absolutely devastated the Ilosaarirock audience unawares. Klaus Thunder (the moustached one) and Wilhelm Meister (the even more moustached one) instantly created, with nothing more than their volcano-like stage presence and a small set of keyboards, just the kind of ecstatic chaos that many an overgrown combo with their sickeningly pompous rock epics keep trying for ages to generate, but to no avail. And, mind you, all this euphoria did not need a fleet of buses or trailer lorries to move around. No, Klaus and Wilhelm and all their props materialised on the festival site in the most ecological manner thinkable – riding a single bicycle.

There have been popular disco duos, trios and quartets before, but none of them have come close to Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine's unique flair of bringing back the precious but embarassing flavour of teenage memories with all the precision and respectability of a C tape recording. But regardless of the camp aesthetics lurking somewhere in the background, Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine is also able to write songs that first amaze with their originality and then prove very hard to forget. And why even try? The duo's only album so far, Niinivaara Express released on Valentine's Day 2007, is a great way to delve deeper in this charming couple's extravagant soulscapes.

At the Sulo Club 2008, one is presented with a rare opportunity to witness a truly exceptional natural phenomenon: the lightning strikes twice in precisely the same place, with exactly a year's gap in between.


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