Mad Sin


Mad Sin (GER)

Punk or rock'n'roll? Well, what about both in the same styling gel jar? Mad Sin, pogoing from Germany, has been beating their raw sounds out of their instruments ever since the year 1987. This means two entire awesome decades of furious and bona fide psychobilly, uncontrolled live concerts, a lot of beer – and a hefty pile of smelly socks.

If it were just music, probably most people would by this time have jumped off the wagon. But it's a way of life, and these fellows are in it for real, as everyone who has seen them live can testify. A nice way of getting an insight into Mad Sin's teachings is their brand new compilation album Indestructible – 20 Years in Sin Sin. But studying these verses by heart is not boring at all. In fact, once you get into Mad Sin, all you want is to sin more.

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