Metsatöll (EST)

During the second half of the Noughties, Estonian metal has significantly raised its profile both locally and globally. Thanks to a number of young and thirsty bands that the Tallinn-based record label Nailboard Records has managed to gather under its black wings – Loits, Must Missa, Manatark and Metsatöll – the company has, despite its slender years, turned into a success story that's still gathering momentum. And now it's time for Estonian metal to come, see and conquer Ilosaarirock Festival too! Enter Metsatöll!

Metsatöll's breakthrough album was their second release Hiiekota (2004), which conquered the hearts of metalheads and other music lovers alike and made the band a household name in their home Estonia. On the following year, they were awarded Estonia's equivalent to a Brit or Grammy award for the best metal band of the year, a feat they repeated also in 2006. The Finns, always responsive to aggressive but melodic metal that doesn't take itself too seriously, have developed a heartfelt affection for the folk music-inspired sounds of Metsatöll, and the band has toured Finland for great many times. The songs contain enough singalong moments to let your hair down to, enough acrid noise to shake that hair around to, and enough wistful tones from exotic instruments such as torupill, the Estonian version of bagpipes, to keep you thrilled till the end of the show. Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!

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