Oceansize (UK)

Manchester-based Oceansize has ploughed their independent furrow for a full decade now. While Britpop was slowly dying elsewhere, the garages and back street bars of Manchester were already home to an entirely new kind of sound. Oceansize let their individual vision of the future of popular music simmer long, finally releasing their debut album Effloresce in 2003 and telling the world in the process that whatever this band does, it always bears the hallmarks of believing in one's own vision, of not letting anybody else tell you how music should be made.

Oceansize's songs float effortlessly, dare you to come closer and then punch you heavily. Complex but catchy guitar weaves turn into almost minimalist soundscapes where the music gets the room it needs to grow and to remain almost stationary in a hypnotic rhythm. And when the time has come for Oceansize's riff hammer to blow, it blows hard. Post-metal? Art rock? Do we always need a category for everything?

The band's endless search for perfection shows in the unhurried release rate of the recordings, and so far, Oceansize has only put out three full-length albums. Last autumn's Frames is a massive piece of work, an hour-long slice of the future of modern rock music. How this handful turns into a live experience will be seen at Laulurinne. This year's Ilosaarirock Festival has the honour of presenting Oceansize first time in Finland, ever!


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