Ozric Tentacles


Ozric Tentacles (UK)

About thirty albums and almost a quarter of a century of space travel under their belts: Ozric Tentacles has already for a long time been more than just a band, they're an Institution. The band has practically created their own music genre, acting in the process as an inspiration for countless other groups that combine elements of psychedelic rock and electronic music.

The solid base for Ozric Tentacles' music is the intensive bass blanket and the rhythm. Pour in plenty of effects in all shapes and sizes and add elaborate keyboard licks creating moods that remind one of some imaginary worlds far away. And yet in between their ambient and ethnic pieces, OT is also capable of disciplining their electric guitars with solos that at their heaviest fall nothing short of pure metal. "Organic trance" might be the best descriptive name for these sounds. The band's frontman Ed Wynne has revealed that his passion has always been to create music that sounds ancient, modern and futuristic all in one go.

Apart from their wonderful recordings, Ozric Tentacles is also famous for their frenzied live performances. Ilosaarirock is happy to welcome the band, the music and the fans – both existing and future ones – to congregate and make it an event that won't be forgotten too soon. And don't forget to enjoy your hard-earned freedom to dance!


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