The Heptones


The Heptones (JAM)

It's all very well wondering at the perpetual flexibility of the limbs of such rock'n'roll legends as The Stooges and The Stones in the middle of this retro boom. But just take one look at Jamaican music and you have to be amazed by the sheer number of real stayers that are still very much alive and kicking despite of their honourable years. Kingston-based rocksteady legend The Heptones – Leroy Sibbles, Earl Morgan and Barry Llewelyn, that is – originally started making music already back in 1965. Not many musicians have managed such an astonishingly long ride with such a flawless track record as The Heptones: neither long quiet times nor artistic downhills can be found in the course of their career.

Since their debut album On Top in 1970, The Heptones have released more than twenty full-length albums. Leroy Sibbles, also famous for his inventive bass guitar playing, has written most of the band's music, but The Heptones has also given its soulful touch to a number of Anglo-American rock and rhythm'n'blues standards, not to mention the choicest of reggae hits. Sibbles has left the band for a couple of times and established a successful solo career too, but in 1995 he got back with the other two, and the band was back on track with a strong comeback album produced by Tappa Zukie.

The Heptones is going to teach Ilosaarirock audience a lesson in the deeper meaning of rocksteady. Feel free to attend the class lying on your back on the sunny beach if you like!

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