Venetian Snares


Venetian Snares (CAN)

This year, the heaviest musical experience in Ilosaarirock Festival does not come fron the direction of black-clad metal acts. Canadian musician and producer Aaron Funk bangs such noise out of his electronic equipment that perhaps a word of warning is in order: Venetian Snares is here and wishes you a very angry afternoon indeed.

Venetian Snares sounds lethal, is on a constant chaotic overdrive and almost splitting its seams, yet somehow it all manages to appear precisely controlled and carefully thought of. Every beat, every change of tempo, every sound has got its place in the complex system which, depending on the listener, can make you thrilled, anxious or just plain nauseous. What's more, those who have lived to tell testify that Venetian Snares live is even harsher, even more extreme than on record. Crazy man moshing and turning the knobs of a mountain of machines while the audience, in desperation, tries and fails to dance, thanks to the sudden twists, turns and tempo changes they are exposed to.

You are not exactly hard pushed to find numerous exciting tracks and full-length albums from Aaron Funk's personal track record. To name just a few, the darker-than-dark Doll Doll Doll (2001) fuses the sounds of Finnish Apocalyptica with merciless hardcore beats, while Funk's tender declaration of love for his home town, Winnipeg Is a Frozen Shithole (2005), certainly did not please the city's tourist office, but did gain the status of a cult classic in certain circles. Latest full-length album My Downfall (Original Soundtrack) (2007) is, on the other hand, a surprising amalgamation of ambient, classical music and breakcore.

"It'd be great to dance, but it's plain impossible", said one hapless spectator who had ended up in the moshpit at a Venetian Snares gig. Will the pegs hold, is the marquee going to keel over, or is the gig going to be an hour-length of exquisite ambient instead? Only one thing is sure: there are going to be surprises when Venetian Snares rides to town.

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