Von Hertzen Brothers


Von Hertzen Brothers

Not all old clichés actually hold true, but by looking at this band, we are ready to believe that at least the one that says nomen est omen has got some verity in it. When you translate the surname of the three Von Hertzen Brothers into English, it means something along the lines of "from the heart". Can you imagine a better, and more truthful, way to describe this music?

Von Hertzen Brothers goes to prove that it is still not impossible to gain success by sticking to one's own idea of making music. The band's modern progressive rock shuns all kinds of compromise and favours long and quietly maturing song structures instead. Regardless, such a number of listeners have fallen in love with these sounds that the band's previous album, Approach from 2006, sold gold, and their newest release Love Remains the Same conquered the No. 1 position of the Finnish album chart on the very week it came out.

The live experience with Von Hertzen Brothers is in a class of its own. Be warned: when going to see this band, you are in an immediate danger of sinking so deep into their sounds that you totally forget everything else around you. Don't get sunburned! And don't forget that, sooner or later, you are supposed to go home too!


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