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The Ilosaarirock Festival takes place in Joensuu, a city that is easy to reach both on one's own means and by public transport. Remember that green attitude starts with small deeds: pack your car up with friends instead of driving on your own, or use public transport!

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Ilosaarirock Festival Train from Helsinki to Joensuu

During Ilosaarirock Festival there will be extra carriages in trains as well as special Ilosaarirock Festival trains. Various organisations around the country also arrange coach rides to Ilosaarirock.

Ilosaarirock Festival train leaves from Helsinki to Joensuu on Friday 16th July at 10.52am and from Joensuu to Helsinki on Monday 19th July at 0.30am. You can find detailed timetable for festival train here.

Connections to Joensuu

By train:
By air:,
By bus:

Festival bus service

The festival bus service ("Rokki" buses) runs all weekend between the Joensuu railway station and the festival site Laulurinne after the arrival of each train. On Sunday you can take the Rokki bus back to the railway station. On Friday and Saturday the buses will also stop at the school accommodation on their way to Laulurinne. The buses leave from the railway station as soon as they are full so there is no timetable as such.

Changes in Traffic Arrangements During Ilosaarirock Festival

Because of Ilosaarirock Festival, there will be temporary changes in traffic arrangements at the festival site and its nearby areas. Their purpose is to make it easier and safer to move about in the area and to calm down the nearby areas. We recommend that the local festival goers arrive at the festival site by foot or by bike. A guarded bicycle parking area is situated in front of the ice rink.

Parking prohibitions on nearby streets

In order for the traffic to function without any big jams please comply with the parking prohibitions! During the festival weekend there will be temporary parking prohibitions on the nearby streets. In addition to the festival security personnel, parking will be supervised by the police.

Parking Areas For Cars

Ilosaarirock Festival goers can park their cars in the guarded multi-storey car park on Hallitie, next to Linnunlahti Camping site (see the map). The multi-storey car park is supervised by Joensuun Pysäköinti Oy (Joensuu Parking Ltd). You can park your car in the car park on Friday. Entry to the car park is on Linnunlahdentie, from the direction of Länsikatu. You cannot take your car out of the park until Sunday between 5pm-12pm. However, you can enter the car park and visit your car on Saturday and Sunday between 10am-4pm. The fee is paid on departure at the car park's payment machines, and for this you need the parking ticket that you receive on arrival. Take good care of the parking ticket! It's best to leave it in a safe place.

You can also park your car in front of the horse track and along Linnunlahdentie (see the map). In addition to the actual parking area of the horse track, the track itself and the drive-in auditorium function as parking areas. Parking in the supervised parking areas of the horse track costs 10 € each time you park.

There is a limited number of parking slots. Don't forget that there will be extra carriages in trains during Ilosaarirock Festival!

Bicycle Parking During Festival Weekend

Close to the festival site Laulurinne, about 150 metres from the Main gate, there is a guarded bicycle parking area (see the map). The bicycle park is open from Friday to Sunday on the festival weekend. Parking your bike costs 2 € each time you park. Remember to fetch your bike in time before the bike park closes. We are not responsible for bikes that are not fetched.

Bicycle park opening hours:
Fri 5pm – 3am
Sat 11am – 2am
Sun 11am – 0am.

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