Festival Area

The Ilosaarirock festival area is Laulurinne, built in 1986 to serve as a venue for large (music) events and other recreational purposes for the people of Joensuu. Laulurinne is situated close to the city centre. The distance to Laulurinne from the city's market place is about one kilometre. Ilosaarirock is the largest annual event organised in Laulurinne these days.

Ilosaarirock Stages

Ilosaarirock festival has five stages: Main stage, YleX Stage, Third Stage (Sue Stage), Rento Stage, and Rekka Stage.

Artists on the Main stage and the Truck stage play at the same time, whereas artists on the YleX, the Third and the Relax stages also let the audience indulge in musical pleasures simultaneously.

The Main Stage

The Main stage is situated in the middle lawn of Laulurinne. At the lawn in front of the Main stage you will also find two licenced bar areas, and the food stalls are situated on one side of the middle lawn. In front of the Main stage there is a platform for those who need a wheelchair.

The YleX Stage

The YleX Stage, a marquee stage with a capacity of about 8,000 listeners, is situated in the sandy area between Laulurinne and the horse track. Performances on the YleX Stage will begin already on Friday with the Sulo club. In front of the YleX Stage there is a platform for those who need a wheelchair, and a licenced bar area with a fine view to the stage is situated in the back, opposite the stage. The YleX radio channel works in cooperation with Ilosaarirock Festival this summer as well and records the performances on this stage.

The Third Stage (Sue Stage)

The Third Stage is situated close to the Main Gate. Like the YleX stage, it is a marquee-type stage, and hosts fascinating acts both from Finland and abroad. This year the Third Stage comes alive already on Friday 16 July, as the new host to the Töminä Club.

The Rento Stage

The Rento Stage, situated on the Linnunlahti beach, emphasises R n' B. It has actually become a festival of its own inside the context of Ilosaarirock festival. You can dance your worries away in the sand, relax, and enjoy. In between gigs on the Rento Stage, the Tunnelmissa reggae disco keeps the mellow moods alive with affable and dancable rhythm music from various corners of the world.

In addition to the Rento Stage, the beach area hosts toilets, a licenced bar area and food stalls.

Rekka Stage

The Rekka Stage, located next to the YleX Stage, offers you new and exciting talents. The Rekka Stage also tunes in already on Friday for the Sulo Club.


This year there are clubs only on Friday 16 July. As before, the Sulo Club jams on both YleX and Rekka Stages. The Töminä Club goes in to the Third Stage marquee tent.

There are no age limits to any of the Clubs. There are separate licenced bar areas at the Clubs, and to enter these you need to be 18 years of age.

Cloakrooms (Narikka) and Alcohol Deposits (Viinanarikka)

Cloakrooms and alcohol deposits are located close to both the festival site Main gate and the horse track gate. Cloakrooms cost 2€, alcohol deposits are free. Even sums for deposits make our work a lot easier while you spend less time queuing, so bring your coins!

Cloackroom opening hours:
Fri 5pm – 3am
Sat 11am – 2am
Sun 11am – 0am.

Alcoholic drinks to alcohol deposits (Viinanarikka)

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks to the festival site. You cannot bring in any alcohol bottles either, no matter what they contain. This is because it is impossible for the security personnel to know what is in your bottle. Alcoholic drinks must be left in the alcohol deposits, which are free of charge!

Changing Ticket for Wristband

You can change your ticket for a wristband on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at ticket change points along Linnunlahdentie street (see the map).

Ticket change points opening hours:
Fri 3pm – 11pm
Sat 10am – 11pm
Sun 12am – 8pm.

Disabled festival goers who need an assistant can bring one in to the festival area free of charge. The assistants get their wristbands at Poppikoppi.

Take care of your wristband

You cannot enter the festival site with a broken wristband. Take good care of your wristband, and the moment you get it, check immediately that it is well fastened and will not slip off your wrist. If the wristband is not well fastened or it is too loose, let the festival staff know about it at once in order to avoid problems at the gates later on. The wristband will be checked every time you enter the festival site.

You are responsible for your wristband, and if it gets broken or is lost, you will not be given a new one. In other words, take good care of your wristband.

Forging a ticket and/or wristband is a criminal offence and you will be prosecuted.

Food, Jewellery, and Clothes Stalls in Ilosaarirock

About twenty-five food, jewellery, and clothes stalls at the Ilosaarirock Festival site are ready to serve you. Food stalls are all located in one row next to the Linnunlahti Camping site's fence. Jewellery stalls are located between Laulurinne and the beach. You will find regular, vegetarian, and vegan food in the food stalls.

Licenced Bar Areas

There are four licenced bar areas in the Ilosaarirock Festival area. The age limit for all licenced bar areas is 18 years. Be prepared to prove your age: in other words, always keep an official identification document with you (a photo ID card, a passport, or a driving licence).

You cannot take alcohol drinks out of the licenced bar areas.

Toilet Areas

There are several toilet areas in the festival site. In the areas you can find both regular toilets and urinals. There are also toilets for the handicapped in the area.

Water Taps

There are several water taps in the festival area as well as in camping areas. Remember to take care of your fluid balance by drinking enough water!

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