Biffy Clyro (UK)

The next really big thing?

The audience chants "Mon the Biffy", sweat is running down the marquee walls, excitement in the air could be cut with a knife. Three hirsute, tattooed men climb onstage. When the drummer counts to four to start the machine, the anticipation-filled sighs of the audience explode into thunderous screaming. Melodic, yet intensive rock thrills the festival audience. Biffy Clyro has come, seen and conquered, once again.

Biffy Clyro is on the lips of everyone interested in rock music at the moment, and many think that this Scottish trio, known for their merciless live shows and frighteningly loyal fan base, can well be the next big thing on the trails of such names as Foo Fighters and Muse. The band's success is not based on few cover shot sessions with the right magazines, but on relentless gigging and uncompromised devotion to their audience. Their long, hard work was rewarded when their fourth album Puzzle went gold in the UK, and their latest release from late 2009, Only Revolutions, has boosted their international success into new heights. Right now, everyone wants to have their share of Biffy, even the Finns, who now know Biffy Clyro at least through their radio hit singles Many of Horror and Mountains.

Biffy Clyro is a refreshing exception to the rule these days when all uniqueness must be tightly cropped to fit the limited space of the prevailing trend. The band is not so special as such, they just happen to do everything right. Great songs: check! No-holds-barred energy: check! Handling their instruments like demiurges: check! What else can you possibly ask from your top festival experience of the summer 2010? Front-row places are being reserved now, so make sure you get yours, then ditch your shirt and go with the flow!

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Biffy Clyro (UK)