Drama and Play

When it comes to Chisu, it's probably at least reasonable to talk about a person with multiple skills: she is a distiguished singer, composer, lyricist, arranger, recorder, producer and musician. In addition to her two solo albums Alkovi (Alcove), released in 2008, and Vapaa ja yksin (Free and Alone), released in 2009, you might also have heard Chisu's touch in many other productions ranging from the Idols contestant Antti Tuisku's music to the soundtrack of the ghost ride in Särkänniemi. Some people just know how to do it!

Chisu made a surprise appearance by slipping through the back door of the music industry when her first single Mun koti ei oo täällä (My Home Is Not Here) rose to the top of radio charts. But when she released her second album last year that she became familiar to practically everyone: to both hit channel listeners and the music freaks who spend their time delving in the reviews in music magazines. Vapaa ja yksin is a brave, original and creative tour de force that at times has a very cinematic feel to it. The worlds and atmospheres of the songs vary from intensely dramatic situations to small playful moments, with Chisu's charming voice holding it all densely together. The more modern features blend fluently together with aspects familiar from old popular songs, taking the listener from one surprise to another. The themes of the lyrics are also varied. It's possible to sing about heartache and love on the same album that has lyrics about depression and fairies, just listen!

The stunning quality of the album didn't go unacknowledged by critics either, and Chisu was also a seven-time nominee for this year's Emma Awards. From this basis it is good to head towards Ilosaarirock and other forthcoming adventures. It makes you wonder what other conquests Chisu can still make if she continues at this rate?

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