DevilDriver (USA)

Brutal hammering from California's metalworks

Suitable bandmates are sometimes hard to find. They should have the right attitude, but the band chemistry should also be in order. When vocalist Dez Fafara found he no more liked the direction his former band Coal Chamber had decided to take, he went to bars and a barbeque to find others that liked their metal with a groovy touch. Soon he had a new band with which he could finally live true his heavy visions. That band was DevilDriver, dubbed after a bell used by Italian witches in repelling evil spirits.

DevilDriver hails from Santa Barbara, California, and plays wildly groovy Southern metal in the spirit of Machine Head and Ministry. The band has earned the fans' appreciation by touring endlessly and working like mad. At the Download Festival in England, the band reportedly drove their audience so wild that the result was the largest circle pit ever seen. The latest release Pray for Villains is heavier, louder and more brutal than anything DevilDriver has put out before, making it evident that also the Ilosaarirock Festival gig is going to be oozing with testosterone, aggression and uncontrollable energy. Sweatiest moments of the summer are waiting for you at Ilosaarirock Festival!

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