DJ Shadow (USA)

Immerse yourself in pure love for great music

Something new and unexpected was happening in California in the mid-1990s. Joshua "DJ Shadow" Davis was going through his massive record collection time and again and buried himself in the bargain basements of record shops to find samples from long-forgotten vinyl albums. All this tremendous spade work went into his debut album Endtroducing..... – and the rest is music history. This album, entirely built up from samples, challenged the limits between genres, exploded the experimental hip hop scene and made DJ Shadow instantly one of the biggest names in electronic music.

DJ Shadow, known for his perfectionism, has released new albums only rarely. The Private Press (2002) and The Outsider (2006) continued the expedition into newly discovered worlds. All these years later, DJ Shadow's sounds have still retained the instantly recognisable, wistfully sweet atmosphere where samples and loops fit together like they had always belonged next to each other. This is modern rhythm music that consists of age-old elements.

In spite of its rather technical production method, DJ Shadow's music does not sound cold or formal. Instead, it is organic instrumental music that glows with pure, almost altruistic love for great music. When performing live, DJ Shadow combines wrist-breaking turntablism with wowsome visuals and digs great drama out of his machine mountain. Come to YleX Stage to feel your heartstrings being pulled with turntable needles.

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DJ Shadow