Eppu Normaali

From punk roots to sold out arenas

Ylöjärvi, the home town of Eppu Normaali, is known for its stubborn mentality: you do what you will, how you will and when you will. From the very beginning, this quality has also driven Eppu Normaali relentlessly forward on their chosen path. The band came to the public eye during the first Finnish punk wave, but soon the (sometimes even pathetically) tight borders of punk turned out to be too narrow for them. Nonetheless, punk obviously helped Pantse, Martti and co. to understand that they can do as they please. With this principle, the band has operated in its own universe for over thirty years.

Over the decades Eppu Normaali has ticked off music critics, serious music fans and religious communities. They've also broken a bunch of microphone stands, sold out large venues, travelled countless miles on tour buses and, above all, made an enormous amount of great and lasting music. A fine example of this is the Jackpot compilation box set, which includes 101 classics by Eppu Normaali. Music is the core, it's the thing that matters.

Making a set list for a gig can't be too easy for Eppu Normaali – the project probably demands quite a few pots of coffee. We'll leave the planning for the band, but promise to provide enough steaming java in the dressing rooms.

It's a great honour to welcome Eppu Normaali to the Main Stage of the Ilosaarirock Festival after a long, long time.


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Eppu Normaali