Faith No More (USA)

Marriage made in heaven

Epic, Ashes to Ashes, Digging the Grave, Midlife Crisis, Evidence... Just imagine these songs playing in the darkening night of Laulurinne, about twenty thousand new friends beside you shouting and singing and smiling like mental. A day full of sun, laughter and festival is behind you. How come this has never happened before? Ilosaarirock Festival and Faith No More belong together unquestionably, truly and perfectly.

Faith No More from California is a band that keeps increasing its value year in, year out. It's the object of heart-touching respect almost everywhere in the world. The band's unusual mixture of alternative metal, funk and artistic ambition brings together metal heads and pop kids, youth and the more mature rock fans. It seems impossible not to like Faith No More. With their six studio albums, they have made a lasting impact on the development of rock music to take just one example, it is difficult to imagine nu-metal without Faith No More's influence. Young bands have played covers of Faith No More songs from Idaho to Ilomantsi, and God knows at how many parties the sounds of King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime have provided the soundtrack for the wee hours. Very few bands can unite music fans like Faith No More can. And that's exactly why Faith No More is a perfect band for Ilosaarirock Festival. The Ilosaarirock Festival audience deserves Faith No More and Faith No More deserves nothing less than the Ilosaarirock Festival audience.

Frontman Mike Patton is not visiting Ilosaarirock Festival for the first time. In 2008, the almost unbearably charismatic lead singer lit a capacity crowd on fire in the YleX marquee with Mondo Cane and a symphony orchestra. During the history of Ilosaarirock Festival, a similar collective ecstasy has hardly been experienced as the one that prevailed when Mr. Patton was reinterpreting the evergreens of Italian pop. But when Faith No More takes to the stage at Ilosaarirock Festival, something even better can be expected. After their comeback last year, the band has whipped the audience into an unbelievable frenzy at each and every gig, and it is very likely that now, in 2010, the band is at the very height of their career. Oh, how hard it is to wait until July! Summer, be here, now and at this instant!

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Faith No More