Ghost Brigade

One of the most talked about Finnish metal acts makes your heart burst

Ghost Brigade is one of the most talked about Finnish metal acts today. Its newest recording Isolation Songs (2009) was a critical success that was awarded the titles of Best Metal Album and Best Finnish Album by Finnish music magazines. Apparently good with recording albums too, the band's specific cup of tea is the true acid test of a great rock band: performing live.

The beginning of a show is enough to make a novice gasp with amazement. Ghost Brigade is not afraid of being sensitive when needs be, but when the show gets started, the stage is conquered by a frontline of brutes with enough appetite for destruction to scare the pants off many rougher metal acts. The grunge elf in the middle is the vocalist Manne Ikonen, a little big man who can spit out all sorts of charismatic noises from grinding death growl to nuanced, clean vocals.

In musical terms, the band moves smoothly and seamlessly between Neurosis-style doom, melancholic alternative metal and post rock moods. Rock'n'roll experience gained in the early Noughties classic Sunride helps to load the music with energy and destructive force, but the pop-oriented choruses and striking guitar licks guarantee that even the uninitiated can get the hang of Ghost Brigade's music instantly.

Ghost Brigade has recently been touring Europe with Paradise Lost and Samael, performs at a number of high-class metal festivals (Wacken, Hellfest, Graspop) during the summer and will certainly give nothing less than its utmost at Ilosaarirock Festival too. Funnily enough, at a live occasion, Ghost Brigade's songs of isolation and loneliness create an extraordinary sense of togetherness and belonging – enough to make your heart burst.

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Ghost Brigade