Imogen Heap (UK)

A hypnotic trip between dreams and reality

British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and an artist of the highest order. Ellipse (2009), the album on which she had written all the songs and which she had sung, produced, engineered and recorded herself in her own home studio, was recently awarded a Grammy prize.

But Imogen Heap's story does not begin there. The debut album iMegaphone (1998) already introduced a self-reliant young artist who was not afraid to mix several different genres in her music. When the record company bungled and left Imogen without a contract, she released her breakthrough album Speak for Yourself (2005) through her own label. The tracks of Speak for Yourself found their way to films and a number of TV series and an international success soon followed. If her large and exceptionally devoted fan base is anything to go by, this woman seems to possess sort of mystical, larger-than-life qualities in her.

Imogen Heap's music is as difficult to describe as it is to fit a polyhedron in a hole too small and wrong in shape. The soundscape is organic and airy, and electronic sounds are combined seamlessly with guitars, violins and more exotic instruments such as mbiras. And above it all, there is Imogen Heap's voice, hypnotically beautiful and unbelievably versatile. This music is true art, capable of touching you deeply. You're all welcome to visit Imogen Heap in her exquisite world, located somewhere between dreams and reality.

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Imogen Heap