Masters of melancholic swaying bring it down on Ilosaarirock Festival

A hippie with a job is a spectacular sight, but what about a bunch of metalheads who double as highly educated professionals? Well, come and meet North Karelia's own Insomnium. Of all metal quartets in the world, this one probably holds one of the highest number of academic qualifications. But Insomnium also proves that working hard and having fun at the same time is not as difficult as Jack Torrance in Overlook Hotel once thought. Founded thirteen long years ago in a secondary school in Joensuu, the band has risen to the elite of Finnish metal through their own perseverance. During all the time that has passed, they have not backed an inch from their original sources of inspiration – national romanticism and faraway backwoods – and no matter how late in the night the gigs have lasted, the band members have (usually) been at work early enough in the morning.

At the moment, things look bright for Insomnium. Last year the band released its fourth album Across the Dark that was even better than the already spoilt fans had expected. This was illustrated by Insomnium's success at Finnish Metal Expo, a two-day meeting concentrating solely on metal music, in which the band ran away with the awards for Band of the Year and Album of the Year.

Insomnium and Ilosaarirock Festival are old buddies now, but this time the band climbs to YleX Stage in a better shape than ever. Insomnium's melancholic, slightly folk-tradition-influenced swaying fits the festival atmosphere like a doctor's hat fits a metal head. It's a relief for us all to know that you don't need an entrance exam to enter the band's gig, or a post-graduate degree to enjoy it to the max.

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