Ismo Alanko & Teho-osasto

Intensive care

Ismo Alanko and Ilosaarirock Festival, what an unbeatable combo! Ismo Alanko has performed at the Ilosaarirock Festival numerous times, and probably only a precious few have witnessed every single gig. Raise your hand if you saw Hassisen Kone in 1980. Or Sielun Veljet in 1987. Or Alanko Ihmemaassa in 1991, or Säätiö in 1998, or... The lucky ones who have seen all those shows can testify that during these thirty years, Ismo has never slowed down or let his enthusiasm wither. Instead, he has followed his artistic ambitions to find new ways to express the fundamental truths of humanity.

The collaboration with the percussion wizard Teho Majamäki, starting with the 2008 album Blanco Spirituals, has been one of the most fruitful periods during Mr Alanko's career. The duo has released two stupefying albums, and it's difficult to believe that the multifarious, full-bodied sound is produced by two men only. Particularly exhilarating and mind-boggling is to see them play live.

The forthcoming summer promises something grand: joined by three other musicians, the untamed duo will grow into a quintet, and in addition to the songs from the latest album Onnellisuus, the gig will feature material from the length of Alanko's long career. The final result will most probably be, well, phenomenal. If the intensive two-man force of Ismo and Teho alone can bring the audience into a state of trance – as seen at the club gigs during the spring – it makes you wonder what a bigger ensemble can be capable of. Welcome to Ilosaarirock Festival, Ismo Alanko & Teho-osasto ("Intensive Care Unit"), we're ever so glad to have you!

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Ismo Alanko & Teho-osasto