Katatonia (SWE)

This is what despair sounds like

Katatonia's music wells up from the same depths as the feelings of despair, anxiety and melancholy do. The band's songs are gloomier than gloomy and give rise to frissons that, in all their darkness, offer comfort and seduce you to follow further. Katatonia's metal is based on atmospheres created with heavy guitar figures, creeping melodies and vocals seemingly echoing from a distance, all tumbling down on you in a merciless mass. The band's albums are integrated works of art that swallow you unsparingly into their depths. And the same goes for Katatonia's gigs that can create a feeling of a comprehensive dark ecstasy in the middle of the brightest day.

Katatonia, founded in Stockholm in 1991, is one of those Swedish bands that have turned the sphere of influence of death metal and black metal into new, fresh-sounding music. Like Opeth, Katatonia did not want to be just another small brick in the surrounding metal wall, but developed a new, instantly recognisable sound. The band combines the heaviness of death metal and the desolate darkness of black metal with progressive nuances, creating huge, tsunami-like sound masses that devastate everything before them. Album after album, Katatonia has become more popular in Europe and the USA. But perhaps the most significant reason for the band's success is its solidness. All the band has ever created is trademarked high quality. Album highlights are not balanced by lead balloons, but by more highlights. If Katatonia manages to retain its invulnerability, only the sky is the limit – but with this pitch-dark preaching, that would be the wrong direction anyway.

Ilosaarirock is proud to roll out the red carpet for the dark ambassadors of Swedish misery. We welcome you to obscure the sun above the festival ground!


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