The Joensuu Hillbillies Who Conquered the Big City

Kemmuru know how it's done. Ten years of hard work and uncompromising attitude have shaped this group into a flag-bearer of ambitious Finnish hip hop that is praised by critics and sells out gigs p.d.q. Although so many top-selling, in-fashion rappers try to lower rap music into the level of manufactured, potboiler pop, Kemmuru's existence reminds us that hip hop with a message is not dead.

Kemmuru's DJ J-Laini masters the night life of Helsinki by running several clubs either independently or as a part of the internationally-reputed Top Billin collective. MC / producer Aksim is one of the top names when it comes to classic, sample-based hip hop sound, and he usually has something to do with all the essential Finn rap productions. MC Jodarok is the biggest Joensuu-based rapper in Helsinki, who, in addition to Kemmuru productions, releases albums more or less frequently with different collaborative, side or solo projects.

Kemmuru's long-awaited third album is released in March, and we can be sure that this trio will fill the front of Rento Stage with dancing hillbillies from Joensuu and beyond. Word!

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