The rotten uncles of noise rock will come and ruin your night. You have deserved them.

Sharp. Humourous, in the black sort of way. Madly natural and naturally mad. When it comes to Kumikameli, it's extremely hard to come up with characterisations that won't come crumbling down when the band starts its vulgar noise attack.

Although Eläkeläiset, originally a side project of the members of Kumikameli, has grown into quite a phenomenon in Finland and beyond, Kumikameli – a 25-year-old veteran now – shows no signs of slowing down. And why should it? After all, in addition to having saved its vocalist Jarmo Koponen from blues and guitar solos, this band is a refreshing way to blow off steam not only for him and his fellow Eläkeläiset member, Jouni Vento, but also for Jute Musikka and Olli-Matti Wahlström from another Joensuu-based favourite 51koodia.

This band has always stayed clear from pompousness, and they most likely would not want to be called a cult band. However, there's something cult-like in their fan base: admittedly, there aren't many who have digested the crooked and reckless world of Kumikameli, but those who have are unable to talk about the band with an indifferent tone. Over the years, Kumikameli hasn't lightened its approach. On the contrary: they changed to a heavier gear with Kinahmo, released in 2004, but without losing their lively and unpredictable swing. There is a vile chance that Kumikameli's horrible jesting turns the audience into a sea of smiles in July. Make sure you'll find your way there.

Ilosaarirock Festival thanks and salutes 25-year-old Kumikameli.


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