A stageful of Cuba in Karelia

Kuukumina is a Helsinki-based group playing Afro-Cuban dance music. The essence of the band, i.e. the love for the Cuban son music, came into existence already in the early childhood of the frontmen Tero and Vili Rantanen whose father used to play in one of the genre's pioneers, Septeto Son, making the dance rhythms of the Caribbean familiar to the brothers already when they were toddlers. Kuukumina itself has moved people at Finnish festivals, clubs and parties for over a decade now.

Kuukumina's sounds bring to mind images of thick cigars, pearly white beaches and pork grilling on a rotisserie. The group's tradition-conscious Cuban rhythms fit the summery festival atmosphere like a slice of lemon in a glass of rum. Remember to put on your dancing shoes, Kuukumina will provide the beats.


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