In the bag

"Energy is Alfa and Omega," declared one of the early Finnish punk classics. However, mere energy only results in purposeless hullabaloo. In addition you need good songs, charisma, credence and a good amount of miles in the meter. Melrose's got them all.

The band has toiled away for nearly thirty years. They won the audience and the critics over already with their debut album Melrose (1986) and at the energetic gigs that followed. In the middle of the hassle Mr Tokela taught a growing number of young guitarists that the guitar can be banged like any other percussion instrument. Although Melrose doesn't hide its rockabilly roots, the guitarist-singer Tokela and co. have never succumbed to the narrow definitions of rockabilly purists. The band has continued on its own path ever since the beginning, saluting Johnny Burnett, AC/DC and punk's best features alike on their way.

Melrose knows how to both rock and roll. And it has to be said that this wheel rolls exceptionally well. When you know how to do it, you can loosen up and say: It's In The Bag!

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