Miss Saana and the Missionaries

Finland's biggest soul adventure

A dozen of sweaty musicians bring up Elina: tai "whip up" the energy level in the chorus still a little bit more. The rich-voiced vocalist chants the dancing audience into a deeper trance. In an instant a soulful balladseduces the listeners to step into a temptatively smoky atmosphere and takes the mind to a classic film noir scene with puffing cigarettes and mysterious femme fatales. Is it Atlanta in 1968? – Hell no, it's the Ilosaarirock Festival in the summer of 2010!

Miss Saana and the Missionaries worked their way into the hearts of the Finnish rhythm music lovers last year with their debut album Yes, We Are! The large ensemble has an authentic soul sound and works with the kind of confidence only experience can bring. Before the seasoned troupers of the background band, leading the missionaries is the vocalist Saana who gets under the skin of even the most petulant retro purist. In all its primitivity and winning hopefulness, the group's music is a refreshing splash in the midst of the usually suffocatingly heavy and dark Finnish music. At the Rento Stage, Miss Saana and her missionaries will guarantee shine even in the middle of pouring rain. Welcome to the fountain of pure joy to shake the weight of the world off of your shoulders!


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Miss Saana and the Missionaries