Pariisin Kevšt

Debut gig of the mystery pop act

In the spring 2008 it was nearly impossible to avoid the catchy bass line of Pikku Huopalahti. Behind the languidly feelgood atmosphere and the charmingly observant lyrics was a new and mysterious name, Pariisin Kevšt (Spring in Paris). No one seemed to know anything about the band, but the series of extremely high quality pop diamonds proved that it was no novice in question. When the album Meteoriitti was released, it was made public that Pariisin kevšt equaled the musical multi talent, Arto Tuunela. Better known for his achievements in the field of metal music, Tuunela had written a bunch of melodic pop songs alongside his regular studio work. Success followed immediately. Meteoriitti both sold well and was praised by the critics, and it also received an Emma nomination for the best debut album.

Ignoring the continuous demand for live gigs, Tuunela didn't agree to perform live until the summer 2010. Following the second album, released this spring, Tuunela has formed a live band and Ilosaarirock will witness the the first Pariisin kevšt gig in the history.

The music of Pariisin kevšt is the perfect companion for a hot festival day, tanned skin and joie de vivre. Welcome, Pariisin kevšt! And welcome, summer!

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Pariisin Kevšt