Polarsoul ja Kaverit LIVE

From a series of mixtapes into a live band

In July Rento Stage is taken over by a super special line-up put together just for Ilosaarirock Festival: Polarsoul ja Kaverit LIVE (Polarsoul and Friends LIVE). This group presents dancing, thick rhythms and convincing vocals straight from the top of the club scene in Finland. DJ Polarsoul gathered some praised artists, such as Asa and Puppa J, as vocalists, so there is going to be one hell of a party.

In spring 2007 many reggae and hip hop lovers fell for a genre-blurring mixtape whose sleeve note Bullet Bullet Bullet! really summed up the spirit of the record. The irresistably kicking mixtape was already the fifth part of a mixtape series by DJ Polarsoul, but at the same time it was the first to really present the DJ/producer's own production and remixes.

In early 2010 the eighth part of this mixtape saga, Winter Symphony, was released. By this time Polarsoul's recipe had boiled into a completely unique and irresistable soup flavoured with some classical music, fat rhythms, Jamaican vocals, dubstep and... well, the list goes on and on. The result absolutely impossible to categorise is utterly entertaining and novel. In spring 2010 it is time to take the next step and put together a live show. And when this guy is in charge, the result is guaranteed to be amazing.

Oh and by the way, just between us friends, Polarsoul is called "Polle". Welcome to the party!


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Polarsoul ja Kaverit LIVE