The Micragirls

A joyride straight to the garage

The Micragirls can be called a festival band par excellence. The very first moments of the combo can be located in another sizeable Finnish rock festival, Provinssirock Festival, and the old Nissan Micra that served as a festival HQ for the girls back then. Four young ladies from Kuopio were listening to old garage rock in their car and, intoxicated by the music and the festival roaring at the background, decided to start a band at that instant. The plan was good and the faith was strong, so the ability to play instruments followed too. Drawing from their attitude and strong sense of aesthetics, The Micragirls acquired an instant cult following and soon had their songs playing next to their own sources of inspiration in other people's festival cars when they were on their way to see The Micragirls live and to put together their own bands.

The Micragirls is first and foremost about open-mindedness; that quality is further supported by a bunch of great tunes. The band, now a trio, has reviewed the almost threadbare pattern of the 1960s style rock'n'roll and managed to find a previously undiscovered form of expression, often emphasised with howling keyboards. The music is tradition-conscious, yet capable of throwing the traditions overboard if need be, and it smells like a sea full of surfboards and a garage after a band rehearsal. A combination such as this must work like magic, particularly in festival conditions.

The Micragirls are simultaneously punchy and bubbly. The band's music is based not so much on technique as on the joy of self-expression, and the secret behind the hookiness of the songs is their ability to thrill the band too, time and again. From all the potential sources of inspiration, the girls hand-pick the most relevant ones, pimp them as they please, then put their feet down and drive the resulting musical hot wheels straight to the audience, grinning from ear to ear. The subsequent ecstasy is shared by the band and the audience alike. This well-managed but uncontrolled mayhem-making is sure to stay with you still when you're on your way home. To celebrate that feeling, why not start a new band?

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The Micragirls