Dark threesome between electronic music, pop and rock

British electronic music collective UNKLE overthrew the limits between genres in a drastic way with their 1998 album Psyence Fiction. This record was the long-awaited fillip to the electronic music scene that, in the end of the millennium, was suffering from hangover after the decline of rave culture and was definitely in need of a new direction. Psyence Fiction already had all the elements that later became the trademarks of the UNKLE sound: pop and rock mixing effortlessly with electric beats, constituting a darkly toned world of its own.

The next album Never, Never, Land (2003) took the epic soundscapes even further than the debut. Chris Goss, producer of Queens of the Stone Age fame, led UNKLE to the deserts of California with the 2007 record War Stories that married UNKLE's recognisable sound even more tightly with distorted rock music. Finally, a studio project turned into a real band, and UNKLE performed live for the first time that year. Besides albums, the UNKLE collective has released hundreds of remixes of other artists' songs. At the moment, the UNKLE primus motor James Lavelle is in the studio again, working on his next album Where Did The Night Fall to be released in May.

UNKLE could best be described as an umbrella project for a host of artistically ambitious musicians, offering solace for rock, pop and electronica artists alike. The number of guests featuring on UNKLE albums is astonishing: DJ Shadow, Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, Josh Homme, Ian Brown and countless others have contributed to this music. First time in Finland and at Ilosaarirock Festival as a band, UNKLE is a full-blooded rock'n'roll combo and a perfect choice for the darkening summer night – lucid and sweet but full of secrets, just like this music.


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